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Why Choose Custom Printed Boxes?


 Regardless of your industry or the Printed Box you display and sell, Multiply Paper Packaging  can design and develop the perfect custom packaging solution that is on brand and serves to increase sales at the point of purchase. Increase brand awareness, improve messaging at the retail level and enhance sales opportunities with custom Printed packaging from Multiply Paper Packaging !


Our virtually unlimited customization options include: custom colour schemes, dimensions, shaping, shelving and slotting; windowing and embossing options; professional in-house artwork design; assorted paper weights; corporate branding options; a wide selection of additional accessories; and much more. We work with each of our clients to incorporate creative shapes, sizes and styles that suit the needs of their business and products. 


Multiply Paper Packaging will help you create unique, eye-catching, and attractive packaging for your product. We specialize in short and small run packaging solutions, but are also well-equipped to handle larger orders. And, we have some of the most competitive products and pricing within the industry.


High quality custom printed boxes can also help to reinforce your brand values to the customer. High-end products are expected to be encased in high-end packaging and custom printed boxes are a great way to meet that expectation.


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